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Before you take the Analytic Geometry Pre-course survey, here's a word from your instructor…

Often surveys are anonymous, but in order to get to know you better, please provide your first and last name. *

I like to say that Analytic Geometry is the place where Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry all meet. Describe your level of comfort with these three seemingly separate math topics. *

One of the learning goals for this course is for students to understand the intricate relationship between Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry. What are your learning goals for this course? *

Why have you enrolled in this course? Is it a prerequisite for a future course? Is it for general interest/knowledge? Are you meeting a requirement for graduation or certification? *

I believe the best math learning occurs when students understand concepts graphically, numerically, algebraically, contextually, and verbally. Identify your last math class and describe your learning in that class. What did you find successful or unsuccessful? *

I find learning about the historical aspect of any mathematical topic extremely fascinating and fulfilling. Describe your knowledge and level of exposure to the History of Mathematics. *

I recall being very anxious about my first online course. Describe any concerns or questions you have about the online aspect of this course. *

In face-to-face classrooms, group project assignments are met with both grumbles and cheers. Describe your experience with collaborative (group) projects. *

Presentations of student work can take many forms: documents, images, audio, and video. With which software applications would you consider yourself experienced or expert? *

With which software applications would you consider yourself inexperienced or novice? *

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